In the summer of 2001 I was appointed artist in residence at Pallant House Gallery in Chichester with the brief to carry out a major wall piece for the main staircase.  Pallant House is a classic Georgian town house and plans were under way to build a new wing to the gallery designed by Sir Colin St John Wilson in association with Long & Kentish. So, in a way, my wall piece was to be the fist intervention of a modernist work in the Georgian setting.  

My intention was to make a work that, while having a strong geometric and colourful presence, drew on various measurements, shapes and proportions of the historical space.  It was also my choice that the work would have a temporary physical life but, as a commission from the gallery, would be owned by them as a concept that could be recreated at any future time.

The lunette window on the half landing is at the centre of the site and I used that as the dividing feature between a series of coloured rectangles on the right rising from the ground floor and a series of semi circular linear elements continuing from the window to the first floor.

Completed 21 September 2001

Painted by: Paul Huxley, Mark Huxley, Nelson Huxley,

Kevin Dunbar, Susie Allen Huxley and Frances Guy

Preliminary sketch, ink on paper

5¾ x 12 inches (14.5 x 30.5 cm)

Working drawing, acrylic on paper

37 x 79½ inches (94 x 202 cm)

Design in progress

Acrylic on wall

25 x 66 ft (7.6 x 20 m)

Installation in progress

25 x 66 ft (7.6 x 20 m)

2001 - Wall Drawing 1