Rhodes + Mann Gallery gave me an exhibition slot in July 2002 in order to launch two of my new silkscreen prints.  Having made a large wall piece for Pallant House Gallery in Chichester the year before I decided to use the opportunity of the extensive gallery space to create a new wall drawing.

This time I set my own brief. As before the work would be conceptual; it would continue to exist as a concept even after it was covered over and no longer with a physical existence.  In this case it would be not only capable of being executed again in a different place but also to different proportions.  I took the largest walls of the gallery, two 10 metre long rectangles abutting at a right angle.  The two walls acted as the customary dual sides of my paintings and I stretched the square format laterally to fit the site-specific proportions.

The result is a work that has existed physically for a few weeks but which lives on as a concept with the potential of many different manifestations. I hope and expect to have it carried out again to different dimensions, it could even be in a tall and narrow format.

Completed 10 July 2002

Painted by: Paul Huxley, Mark Huxley and Nelson Huxley

Wall Drawing 3,  June 2011

Charing Cross Hospital, Hammersmith

installation in progress

11 x 38 ft (3.4 x 11.6 m)

Wall Drawing 2,  July 2002

Rhodes + Mann Gallery, London

acrylic and emulsion  11 x 70 ft (3.35 x 21.34 m)

2002 - Wall Drawing 2